Marcel and Ruth Preston

Marcel & Ruth are based in Toronto, On. Their hearts are to worship God with passionate expression. "We love giving the gift of music back to our
creator, interwoven with the sound of our hearts".

Marcel & Ruth released their debut worship album "Unfailing Love" in 2013. The album captures a live style of arrangement in a studio album. Marcel
recounts: "We played the songs live in studio and just worshiped. The drummer played along and we used those drum tracks as the foundation to build all the
other parts over." Ruth & Marcel include both songs of Joy and intimacy as they lay their hearts before God through this album. Marcel has also
released a soaking album in 2012 with Jonathan Clarke which features spontaneous worship with the vision to "soak" and receive of the fathers presence.

With the upcoming release of "Living Waters" by Marcel & Ruth, they feel that God is moving and is up to new things. "We sense an excitement is in the
air for what God is doing in the church body. It all starts in relationship with The Living God. That's what this new album is about. It's purpose is to
bring refreshing and release a deeper revelation of identity into the body of Christ. We know who we are when we have a revelation of whose we are."