Sweet Friendship 2 pack (in)courage greeting cards

by (in)courage
From the series (in)courage
DaySpring · 2016 · Cards
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Build your friendships by dropping notes of encouragement in the mail.

Kraft envelope, 2 cards and envelopes per pack.

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul. PROVERBS 27:9 Inside: blank.

Product Information

UPC: 081983609299
Series: (in)courage
Item: 30606
Publisher: DaySpring
Published: 2016
Binding: Cards


Founded in 2009 by DaySpring, the Christian products subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, (in)courage is a vibrant community where thousands of women, one by one, have gathered to connect, share stories, and spread encouragement.



Sweet Friendship 2 pack (in)courage greeting cards

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