Floodplain - CD

Sara Groves
Provident Label Group
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Sara Groves in the real deal, an artist's artist with mass appeal who doesn't compromise her convictions inside or outside the studio. All of her music is the result of the singer/songwriter's process of sifting through the layers of life and presenting us with unique new perspectives on universal experiences with a depth that is unequaled.

Floodplain is another profound journey with a theme that speaks to our fight for real authentic faith, the moving away from the rhythm of the way we thing things should be, to a search for fresh water out of our desert experiences. It leaves space to ask the tough questions of faith and believe in a God big enough to reveal his heart to us when we ask.

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Publisher: Provident Label Group
Label: Fair Trade Services
Release Date: 2015-11-06
Sara Groves

Sara Groves

"This one is the songwriter's album for sure." Almost as an afterthought, Sara Groves concludes an in-depth conversation about her new recording, Fireflies & Songs, with this innocuous-remark-turned-spit-taker. Imagine Hillsong saying, "This one is our worship album," or U2, "This one is our anthem album." After all, this is Sara Groves we're talking about. Her renown as a potent singer/songwriter merely begins with her avid fanbase. (Granted, one which gave her previous INO Records release,...



Floodplain - CD

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