Live On Forever - CD

The Afters
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The Afters are not holding back on their newest release "Live On Forever." In fact, they are bursting through new barriers. This latest offering is filled with innovative, cutting-edge, fresh pop music that is both epic and captivating. The group has taken life experiences, spun them into something redemptive and uplifting, and captured the transformation of experience into art.

Track List:




Wake Up My Heart

Live On Forever

Time Of My Life

Eyes of A Believer



When You're With Me

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Publisher: Provident Label Group
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Release Date: 2016-09-09
The Afters

The Afters

THE AFTERS: LIVE ON FOREVER From Moses to Job to Jesus, the most intrepid heroes in scripture knew times of trouble that multiplied like a plague-but always led, in the end, to mighty celebration. It's easy to assume such stories of trial and triumph are just for the Bible or the history books. But miracles still happen, even when adversity hits hardest. Just ask Josh Havens, guitarist and lead vocalist of The...



Live On Forever - CD

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