25 - Silver Edition - 2CD

Greater Vision
New Day Christian
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For a quarter-century, Greater Vision has inspired audiences with their rich-vocal blend and their effective ability to communicate the message of the Gospel. They have established a firm place at the pinnacle of Christian music, and have become the most awarded trio in the history of Gospel Music. The vocals and harmony they have become recognized for are the result of the blending of three unique and versatile vocalists. Gerald Wolfe, the group's founder, sings lead and serves as emcee. Prolific songwriter, Rodney Griffin, handles the baritone part of the trio while Chris Allman, also an accomplished songwriter, effortlessly delivers the tenor vocal. Celebrate 25 years with this collection of 25 hits songs as well as bonus commentary from group members. includes very rare early recordings not currently available.

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Publisher: New Day Christian
Label: Daywind Music Group
Release Date: 2016-02-26

Greater Vision



25 - Silver Edition - 2CD

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