As Long As We Can Breathe - CD

J.J. Weeks Band
Capitol Christian Distribution
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JJ Weeks Band's debut album with Centricity Music, As Long As We Can Breathe, is a new collection of songs reminding listeners of God's peace and presence through a mix of ballads and pop hooks. Collaborating with producer Jonathan Smith, this album highlights JJ's powerful vocals and reiterates their complete commitment to Christ.

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Publisher: Capitol Christian Distribution
Label: Centricity Records
Release Date: 2016-04-08

J.J. Weeks Band

As Long As We Can Breathe Shout it from the rooftops / Shout it in the street / Shout it with the passion So everyone can see / We are holding fire / As long as we can breathe Shout it from the rooftop A lifetime is a long time to do anything. Yet, the four members of the JJ Weeks Band are certain they'll spend forever praising God with their lives and their music. On their seventh full-length project-and first for Centricity Music-the JJ Weeks...



As Long As We Can Breathe - CD

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