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Cody High: A Life Remodeled Project focuses on the efforts of Detroit's impoverished Cody Rouge community to remove blight and create a safe environment for students at the local schools, including the hundreds of students who attend Cody High School. In 2014, residents of Cody Rouge, in partnership with Life Remodeled, a Detroit-focused non-profit organization and 10,000 volunteers rose up to bring new life to the troubled neighborhood. Together they remodeled three schools, tore down three burned-out houses, remodeled 25 homes of students and their families, boarded up 254 vacant houses, and brought beauty back to 303 blocks of Detroit. Cody High: A Life Remodeled Project skillfully portrays the powerful stories of community members and volunteers who were involved. It documents how community institutions, especially churches and other faith based groups have mobilized the larger community to become beacons of hope within the great city of Detroit.

Running Time: 78 min

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Cody High A Life Remodelled - DVD

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