Dogs Go To Heaven - DVD

Mark Lowry
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Award-winning singer/songwriter/comedian Mark Lowry brings to life moving songs, side-splitting comedy and spiritual truths, including his "undisputed knowledge" that dogs go to heaven! Both a master of comedy and a master of ceremony, Lowry takes listeners on a journey with his musical prowess and heartfelt stories with guest appearances from The Martins and TaRanda Greene. His antics combine seamlessly with inspiring messages bringing audiences simultaneously to laughter and tears.

DVD Tracklisting:

•Great Is The Lord (feat. Stan Whitmire)

•Count Your Blessings (feat. The Martins)

•Jesus Laughing

•Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven

•Comedy - Old Age

•Fly Me To The Moon

•Interruption (with Bill Gaither & The Gaither Vocal Band)

•Comedy - Nanny, Papaw & The Baptist Rapture

•He Leadeth Me (feat. The Martins)


•Comedy - The Homecoming Friends

•What A Lovely Name

•Interruption (with The Isaacs)

•Waiting In The Water (feat. The Isaacs)

•Too Much To Gain To Lose (feat. Mark with The Isaacs)

•I Thirst (Mom's Song)

•You'll Never Walk Alone (feat. The Martins)

•How We Love

•Comedy - Dogs Go To Heaven

•Glow Worm

•On Jordan's Stormy Banks (feat. The Martins)

•Goodbye World Goodbye (feat. Stan Whitmire)

•Old People

•Where Amazing Happens (feat. TaRanda & The First Baptist Church Choir Of Hendersonville, TN)

•The Promise (feat. The Martins)

•Interruption (with Gloria Gaither)

•Mark On Interruptions

•Mary, Did You Know? (Mark with The First Baptist Church Choir Of Hendersonville, TN) Come As You Are

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Label: Gaither Music Group
Release Date: 2016-05-20
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Dogs Go To Heaven - CD    
Dogs Go To Heaven - CD

Mark Lowry

Mark Lowry

Mark Lowry has been making people laugh, cry and think for over 25 years. Singing publicly and recording albums and videos since age eleven, you could say that Mark has done this most of his life. Mark attended Liberty College (now Liberty University) in Lynchburg, VA, from 1975 to 1980 where he first intended to gain a Business degree. In 1976, Mark felt God was calling him to a music ministry and, when he graduated in 1980 with a Youth degree, he began performing at independent Baptist...



Dogs Go To Heaven - DVD

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