Children of God - CD

Phil Wickham
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Standing on the musical foundation he has built through the years, Children of God is at once recognizable as another Phil Wickham masterpiece...but with a few musical twists and turns that make this record a sonic buffet. A year and a half ago Phil lost his voice and was forced to get surgery on his vocal chords that carried the risk of not being able to sing professionally again. During that difficult season, God spoke the simple yet massive truth into that heart that He loves us. That we are first and foremost His children. That whatever may come our way we are His children. These songs were written as a response to this deep personal revelation and a call to others who have lost sight of knowing this for themselves. We are His. We have nothing to fear. We have only hope in front of us. We are the Children Of God.


Better Than Life

Your Love Awakens Me

My All In All

The Secret Place (feat. Madison Cunningham)

Starmaker (Above The Earth)

Body Mind & Soul

Children of God

Wide Awake

Stand In Awe

As It Is In Heaven

Spirit Of God

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Release Date: 2016-04-22
Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham

In 2014, Phil Wickham didn't know whether or not he'd ever be able to sing again. He'd gone to the doctor, having canceled a string of concerts because his throat was bothering him. He could barely talk. The doctors ran a few tests and discovered a vocal polyp - a small lesion on his vocal cord. They could remove it, but the healing process would take time. Phil wouldn't be able to speak for a month, and after that, there were no guarantees his voice would ever be the...



Children of God - CD

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