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Starflyer 59
New Day Christian
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Tooth & Nail Records is excited to announce Starflyer 59's fourteenth studio album, SLOW. The album-written and produced by Martin-chronicles his life now, two decades after he first began making music. "It's just different," explains Martin. "The lyrics of this record are more of a reflection on being a middle aged adult instead of a 20-year-old kid talking about a girl he likes

First album by Starflyer 59 on Tooth & Nail Records since 2010.

Album produced by Jason Martin (Cold War Kids).


Jason Martin
Trey Many
Steven Dail

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Publisher: New Day Christian
Label: Tooth And Nail
Release Date: 2016-05-27

Starflyer 59

In 1997, Starflyer 59 released the guitar heavy Americana, a record that alternated between melancholy drones and big rock dirges with snarling, cocksure leads dancing around electric fuzz. In 1998, Starflyer 59 put out The Fashion Focus, and suddenly the fuzz was subdued, the guitar lead was nowhere to be found, and the organ was in charge of atmosphere. It was a pop record, surf inspired, and the beginning of a new direction in songwriting for Jason Martin that he would go on to perfect...



Slow - CD

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