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The UK-based band Delirious? has been a prophetic, powerful voice in Christian music for over 20 years. From its founding in 1992, through its disbandment in 2009 and right up until today, the music of Delirious? Has helped shape modern worship.

This Dove Award winning, Grammy Award nominated band helped give voice to a new generation of worshipers with songs like "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever," "The Happy Song," and "Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?"

Originally named the Cutting Edge Band after a local church-based event in England, Delirious? was composed of front man Martin Smith on vocals and guitar, Stu G (Stuart Garrard) on guitar and backing vocals, Jon Thatcher on bass guitar, Tim Jupp on keys and piano, and Stew Smith (and later Paul Evans) on drums and percussion.

With Ultimate Collection: Delirious?, we celebrate and honor this gifted group of musicians with an album that archives their journey and reminds us of how faithful our God is. For some, these songs will be a walk down memory lane and for others it will be a fresh revelation and expression. But far from being nostalgic, Ultimate Collection: Delirious?, is definitely for the here and now. Borrowing from one of the band's songs, we are all called to be "History Makers." This album reminds us of that.

Track List:

1. Rain Down

2. Majesty

3. I Could Sing Of Your Love

4. History Maker

5. Lord You Have My Heart

6. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble

7. Thank You For Saving Me

8. What A Friend

9. Find Me In The River

10. Obsession

11. Deeper

12. Shout To The North

13. Lead Me

14. Inside Outside

15. Jesus Blood

16. My Glorious

17. Our God Reigns

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Take a look at the titles of the Delirious? albums over the years and the story tells itself. There were days of being Cutting Edge youth workers, assaulting the UK mainstream charts singing about the King of Fools followed by the delivering deeper messages of transformation and Mezzamorphis. Glo took the focus back to the source, while World Service indicated the new global view that was coming into focus. And now this, The Mission Bell. Ringing loud, ringing clear, this latest offering makes...



Ultimate Collection - CD

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