Rough Guide to Gospel Blues, The - CD

Various Artists
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The huge musical influence of the church has meant that gospel music and the blues have long been intertwined. This CD is a musical exploration of the close ties between gospel music and the blues.

Includes tracks by many blues legends including Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Mississippi John Hurt

Featuring the legendary guitar evangelists Blind Willie Johnson and Reverend Gary Davis.

A must-have album for blues and guitar enthusiasts.

Includes many lesser known gems by artists shrouded in mystery. Bringing to the fore hidden masterpieces that need to be heard.

Featuring classic tracks by blues divas Bessie Smith and Memphis Minnie.

Timeless recordings which are as relevant now as when they were first recorded.

Lovingly remastered using pioneering restoration techniques.


01 Reverend Gary Davis I Am The Light 03:01

02 Blind Willie Johnson I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole 03:02

03 Mississippi John Hurt Praying On The Old Camp Ground 02:35

04 Bukka White The Promise True And Grand 03:03

05 Rev. Edward W. Clayborn Your Enemy Cannot Harm You 02:55

06 Blind Roosevelt Graves & Brother I'll Be Rested (When The Roll Is Called) 02:27

07 Blind Boy Fuller Twelve Gates To The City 02:40

08 Blind Joe Taggart & Josh White Scandalous And A Shame 02:54

09 Mother McCollum Jesus Is My Air-O-Plane 03:17

10 Tallahassee Tight Got Heaven In My View 03:03

11 Skip James Be Ready When He Comes 02:52

12 Julius Daniels Slippin' And Slidin' Up The Golden Street 03:10

13 Blind Mamie Forehand Wouldn't Mind Dying If Dying Was All 03:25

14 Lil McClintock Mother Called Her Child To Her Dying Bed 03:08

15 Bo Weavil Jackson I'm On My Way To The Kingdom Land 02:58

16 Memphis Minnie Let Me Ride 02:57

17 Blind Gussie Nesbit I'll Just Stand And Wring My Hands And Cry 03:14

18 Blind Willie & Kate McTell I Got Religion, I'm So Glad 03:12

19 Blind Willie Davis I've Got A Key To The Kingdom 03:10

20 Henry Thomas Jonah In The Wilderness 02:52

21 Barbecue Bob When The Saints Go Marching In 03:06

22 Bessie Smith On Revival Day 02:53

23 Charley Patton Jesus Is A Dying Bed Maker 02:51

24 Sam Collins Lead Me All The Way 02:40

25 Blind Lemon Jefferson All I Want Is That Pure Religion 03:10

Total Playing Time: 75:35

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Various Artists



Rough Guide to Gospel Blues, The - CD

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