Beyond Control - CD

Kings Kaleidoscope
New Day Christian
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King's Kaleidoscope: an amalgamation of members as frenzied and flawless as the band's sound. The group is comprised of up to ten musicians , each bringing different musical genres to the table. Any number of instruments can be found in the bands lineup at a given time: A string trio, horns section, two drummers, flute, vibraphone, guitars and vintage synths weave an incredibly detailed musical tapestry.

With each song, King's Kaleidoscope presents orchestral, overwhelmingly imaginative compositions that continuously bounce and overlap musical genres. With roaring horns, looped drums, chopped and reverbed orchestral notes and vocal melodies, King's Kaleidoscope takes each listener through an emotional, energetic, other-worldly excursion.

King's Kaleidoscope can't be explained. It can be heard. It can be felt. It can point us towards home.

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Publisher: New Day Christian
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Release Date: 2016-06-24

Kings Kaleidoscope



Beyond Control - CD

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