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New Hope Oahu
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Leading the trend on the current pop worship sound, New Hope Oahu's new album is chalked full of lyrical worship mixed with cutting edge sounds. Produced by David Hanley (founder of DREAM) and Sean Cook (Evan Craft, Jonathan Thulin, Moriah Peters), the group went back into the studio to deliver a fun, powerful album that's easy to worship to and easy to dance to as well.

Track Listing

01. I Want You (featuring Christina Brown)

02. Future + Hope (featuring Jana Anguay Alcain)

03. Overwhelmed (featuring Jana Anguay Alcain)

04. You Alone (featuring Christopher Thomas)

05. Call on the Name (featuring Noni Slade)

06. Written (featuring Jana Anguay Alcain)

07. Amen (featuring Jewl Anguay Carney)

08. Hold Onto You (featuring Christopher Thomas)

09. As I Am (featuring Melodie Zepeda)

10. Savior's Name (featuring Christopher Kiriakos)

11. `Uhane Hemolele (featuring Jana Anguay Alcain & Kale Chang)

12. Mesmerized (featuring Christina Brown, Christopher Kiriakos)

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UPC: 642872705579
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Publisher: Capitol Christian Distribution
Label: Dream Records
Release Date: 2016-09-09

New Hope Oahu



Future + Hope - CD

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