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Coming off the massive success of Neon Steeple including multiple Grammy nominations and career-best radio success, Crowder returns with his sophomore album, American Prodigal. Leaning more into the roots and rock elements that helped Neon Steeple stand out, American Prodigal takes the worship leader to a new level that is unique to only Crowder. From the raw rock influences on "Run Devil Run", to the worship inspiring anthem, "My Victory", listeners are reminded of the lyrical honestly and unique blend of music influences that Crowder is known for.

The deluxe edition contains 3 bonus tracks.

Track Listing

01. American Intro
02. Keep Me
03. Run Devil Run
04. My Victory
05. Prove It
06. All You Burdens
07. Back To The Garden
08. Forgiven
09. Promised Land (Glory, Hallelujah)
10. All My Hope
11. Shouting Grounds
12. Shepherd
13. All We Sinners
14. American Outro
15. Praise The Lord
16. Great Rejoicing
17. American I/O

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Publisher: Capitol Christian Distribution
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Release Date: 2016-10-21
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