Investigating the Historical Jesus - DVD

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This thought provoking documentary follows the historical path of Jesus from birth to Pentecost. Lead by Robert Feduccia and many other culturally and religiously diverse contributors, this film looks to explore the real locations behind the biblical stories of Jesus to show physical proof of His existence on earth. With an open heart and an eye for education, this touching historical journey of Jesus is both inspiring and emotionally stirring.

  • Chapter 1 - The Birth

  • Chapter 2 - The Baptism

  • Chapter 3 - The Ministry

  • Chapter 4 - The Betrayal

  • Chapter 5 - The Crucifixion

  • Chapter 6 - The Resurrection

  • Chapter 7 - The Pentecost

  • Bonus - Miracles of Jesus - Calm of the Storm

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Investigating the Historical Jesus - DVD

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