Alpha Toolkit with DVD for 10 Guests

Alpha Christian Resources · 2016
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Alpha for every audience.

This kit now contains two DVD options for running your Alpha.

What's in the Alpha Toolkit?

Alpha Film Series DVD

Nicky Gumbel and two new presenters walk us through the Alpha material in a way that everyone can relate to. This is a product re-imagined for the next generation.

Alpha with Nicky Gumbel DVD

Nicky Gumbel delivers a complete set of Alpha talks filmed live at HTB, London. These videos provide the classic version of Alpha for churches of all denominations.

Questions of Life (2 copies)

Want to dig deeper into questions presented on Alpha? In this book, each chapter coincides with one of the 15 Alpha talks.

Searching Issues (1 copy)

Searching Issues serves to help readers to navigate some of the most diffi cult and complex questions surrounding Christianity.

Telling Others (1 copy)

This resource explains the principles upon which Alpha is based, as well as the time-tested "recipe" of how to successfully organize the course.

Director's Handbook (1 copy)

Intended for any individual organizing and/or leading Alpha, this guide covers every stage of preparing for and running your course successfully.

Alpha Guides (10 copies)

Essential for every Alpha guest, this discussion guide to accompanies the Alpha talks, section by section, with plenty of room for note-taking.

Alpha Team Guides (2 copies)

This resource is for Alpha small group hosts and helpers and contains outlines for each session of the training, as well as sample questions for each session of Alpha.

Why Jesus? Booklets (10 copies)

This booklet is an ideal resource for curious Alpha guests, as it discusses key questions surrounding the person of Jesus: Who is Jesus? and Why Did Jesus Die?

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Alpha Toolkit with DVD for 10 Guests

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