NRSV Pew Bible Black HC

1990 · Hardback
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Few Bible translations achieve the degree of respect and acceptance enjoyed by the Revised Standard Version over the past half century. Now, with all the Bible's literal accuracy and dignity preserved, we welcome the New RSV. Dramatic archeological discoveries shed new light on our understanding of ancient languages while, no less dramatically, our own use of language changes, too. The most broadly representative translation team yet assembled worked with these changes to bring us the NRSV -- a translation as literal as possible.

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ISBN13: 9780310902362
Width: 14.48 cm
Height: 22.10 cm
# of Pages: 1024
Item: 9780310902362
Published: 1990
Binding: Hardback
BISAC: New Revised Standard Version / General
Colour: Black
Theme: Pew
Translation: New American Standard Bible
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NRSV Pew Bible Black HC

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