All is Grace

A Ragamuffin Memoir

By Brennan Manning
David C Cook · 2011 · Paperback / Softback Trade paperback
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It has been over twenty years since the publication of The Ragamuffin Gospel, a book many claim as the shattering of God's grace into their lives. Since that time, Brennan Manning has been dazzlingly faithful in preaching and writing variations on that singular theme - "Yes, Abba is very fond of you!' But today the crowds are gone and the lights are dim; the patches on his knees have faded. If he ever was a ragamuffin, truly it is now. In this, his final book, Brennan roves back through his past, honoring the lives of the people closest to him--family and friends who've known the saint and the sinner, the boy and the man. Far from a chronological timeline, these memories are witness to the truth of life by one who has lived it - All is Grace

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ISBN13: 9780781406161
Width: 15.24 cm
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# of Pages: 240
Item: 9780781406161
Publisher: David C Cook
Published: 2011
Binding: Paperback / Softback Trade paperback
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All is Grace


All is Grace

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