Breaking the Huddle

How Your Community Can Grow Its Witness

By Don Everts, Doug Schaupp
2016 · Paperback / Softback Trade paperback
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Most Christians are stuck in the huddle. Even though we believe in outreach, most communities tend to focus on our own needs. That turns us into insular groups without many relationships with outsiders. So evangelism is occasional and conversions are rare. How do we change? In their groundbreaking book I Once Was Lost, Don Everts and Doug Schaupp identified five thresholds that individuals cross when they shift from being skeptics to followers. Now they and Val Gordon show how huddled communities can become witnessing communities and conversion communities, where evangelistic growth becomes the new normal. The authors have studied the growth of congregations, what enhances and limits them, and have gathered best practices for transformation. Our churches and fellowships can become places where evangelism is not done by a just few people, but where the whole community itself becomes a winsome, thriving witness to those around it. Break out of the huddle. Find out how.

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Don Everts

DON EVERTS is minister of outreach at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church in Chesterfield, Missouri. His books include I Once Was Lost, Go and Do, and Jesus with Dirty Feet.


Doug Schaupp

DOUG SCHAUPP is associate director of evangelism for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He is the coauthor of I Once Was Lost and Being White.



Breaking the Huddle

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