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Patricia Paddey
By Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese
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The Game Changers is a passionate wake-up call to recognize and rectify a daily tragedy and a global injustice. Around the world some 300,000 women and girls die each year during childbirth-needlessly, and often agonizingly-from preventable causes. In developing countries, maternal mortality rates are hundreds of times higher than in the developed world. From on the ground in East Africa, obstetrician Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese and journalist Patricia Paddey chronicle a new education initiative called Save the Mothers that is developing leaders-in the fields of politics, journalism, education, law, social services and education-and turning them into game changers. Captivating real life stories backed by impeccable research reveal why mothers and their babies are dying, and how Save the Mothers is equipping and motivating local leaders who, in turn, are empowering women and girls, challenging men to care, improving maternal health, and changing the social fabric in East Africa. The book also offers readers practical ways to make a difference.

We learn the fascinating story of how Save the Mothers was birthed and meet 16 students and graduates of the program. These East African game changers include: Denis Olak, who works as a counsellor to girls once abducted and forced into sex slavery by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA); Catherine Kizza Mwesigwa, a journalist and editor who brings the issue of maternal health to the fore of public consciousness by keeping stories about maternal death and disability on the front page of her country's daily newspaper; Josephine Waako, a charismatic pastor who has learned to preach to the whole person, emphasizing the importance of nutrition, cleanliness and personal hygiene in her teaching where once she attributed sickness to demonic forces; and Beatrice Barikurungi Rwakimari, a politician who brought Uganda's parliament to a standstill when as an MP, she and her colleagues refused to allow the government to borrow any more money unless it first approved loans to equip maternal health centres. The Game Changers concludes with practical, proven advice for how each one of us can contribute to eliminating the 21st Century scourge of maternal and infant mortality.


"Through a series of vivid personal stories, the authors take us inside one of the most inspiring accounts of compassion, resilience and determination on the frontlines of humanitarian struggle that I've read about in years. … Inspired by a strong sense of personal faith, this is the hope-filled search for grassroots change needed to overcome an ongoing health crisis among the most vulnerable that is too often ignored by media."
Brian Stewart, Broadcast journalist; former CBC-TV senior foreign correspondent

"Canadian doctor Jean Chamberlain Froese … and co-author Patricia Paddey find some of the heroes who have helped combat the ancient and easily preventable causes of maternal mortality. They help us see that the very human delays-in the home, in the hospital, in the hallways of power-are causes we can all help address. And in the most hopeful way, this book helps us see how."
John Stackhouse, Former editor-in-chief, The Globe and Mail; author, Out of Poverty

"We who are among the privileged minority on this planet have a responsibility to use well the gifts that come with our privilege. Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese and Save the Mothers know that ours is not a just or equitable world, but that education is one of the great equalizers. They recognize the truth that education is key to equipping and inspiring people to work for justice and bring about change. The Game Changers highlights some of the remarkable people who are working within their culture to bring about life-saving transformation. Their stories serve as powerful evidence that every one of us can make a difference. We need only care.
-Baroness Caroline Cox, President, Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

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Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese

"Dr. Jean" is an internationally recognized expert in women's reproductive health. A recipient of the Order of Canada for her pioneering work, particularly in East Africa, she is founder and executive director of Save the Mothers, a Canadian-Ugandan partnership. She is an associate professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada and author of Where Have All The Mothers Gone?


Patricia Paddey

Patricia is an award-winning writer, editor and communications consultant. Her writing and opinion pieces have been published in The Globe and Mail and online at the National Post. In 2015, she co-authored Shifting Stats Shaking the Church: 40 Canadian Churches Respond. Since 2012 she has served Save the Mothers as communications director.



Game Changers, The - Paperback

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