TeamKID Catching Air Missions DVD

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This DVD includes 37 videos to use with the 36 TeamKID Catching Air meetings. The missionary stories coordinate with each meeting theme. These videos are designed to help boys and girls get to know missionaries and develop a heart for missions.

Catching Air
The perfect jump. The longest throw. The highest leap. Every competitor longs for the best performance. God calls us to soar in His strength, like an eagle, as He helps us live for Him and tell others about His love. Each week, kids will learn foundational truths from the Bible about God and His plan for them.

TeamKID is a fun, high-energy ministry that encourages kids to know Jesus Christ and to grow in a relationship with Him. That's why TeamKID ends with KID. KID stands for Kids in Discipleship! All parts of TeamKID - Bible stories, Scripture memory, mission activities, life application, and recreation games - connect to teach life lessons to kids.

Descriptions for using each segment in its meeting can be found in the TeamKID Catching Air Leader Guide.

1. Away from it All
2. God's Big Plan
3. Deaf and Blind Schools
4. Total Surrender
5. My Obedience
6. Old Meets New
7. Home of Hope
8. Keep on Truckin
9. Norway Needs Jesus
10. Who We Are
11. Shireys In Suriname
12. Up a River
13. One Percent
14. Japanese Lesson
15. Learning the Stories
16. Scripture Songs
17. Scripture Planting
18. The Flook Life
19. Jesus People
20. Move Mountains
21. Dreams
22. Egypt Needs Jesus
23. Just a Kid
24. God, Goals and Good Times
25. School's Out
26. A Day with Rebha
27. Bumpy Roads
28. Meet Daniel
29. Being Bold
30. Everyday Phrases
31. A New Life for Abraham
32. Meet the Parra Family
33. Giving Matters
34. Margot's Henna
35. Missionary Kid Is My Day Job
36. Children Take the Lead
37. Gospel Presentation

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TeamKID Catching Air Missions DVD

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