Where a Man Stands

By Carter Paysinger
Simon and Schuster · 2014 · Hardback With dust jacket
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When Beverly Hills High School—the inspiration for Beverly Hills 90210—welcomed a skinny boy from the wrong side of town, no one knew just how life changing the decision would be, not just for Carter Paysinger but for all of Beverly Hills. Carter grew up hearing his parents say, “Don’t just strive to be good. Always strive to be great.” Taking their words to heart, he grabbed this opportunity and, ultimately, earned a master’s degree in education. Because of his connection to the school that started it all, Carter returned and dedicated his life to being a coach and a teacher, finding himself drawn into the lives of innumerable kids who came seeking an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. As fate would have it, one such kid, Steven Fenton—a scrappy, undersized boy whose father was once the mayor of Beverly Hills—grew up to be on the board of education and a key player in what was to come. Years passed, and Beverly Hills High School fell into disarray with principals hired and fired and families fleeing the school. After twenty years, Carter and Steven reunited and found renewed passion, hope, and vision to fight for their community. When Carter applied for the principal position, though, they were surprised to find that the progressive Beverly Hills that prided itself in open-mindedness suddenly thought that its winningest and most beloved coach didn’t fit the profile for the Beverly Hills image. It was the beginning of a long road, but Carter could hear his father’s voice, saying: “Let it be their problem, and do what you have to do.” Filled with hope, triumph, and the struggles that come to define us, Where a Man Stands is a beautiful fish-out-of-water story about the families formed in unlikely places and how where you stand, and with whom, and for what, matters as much as anything.

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ISBN13: 9781476711409
Width: 15.24 cm
Height: 22.86 cm
# of Pages: 304
Item: 9781476711409
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Published: 2014
Release Date: 2014-11-01
Binding: Hardback With dust jacket

Carter Paysinger

Carter Paysinger has served Beverly Hills High School for several years as a teacher,



Where a Man Stands

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