Kill Fee, The

By Fiona Veitch Smith
From the series Poppy Denby Investig
Kregel Publications · 2016 · Paperback / Softback Trade paperback
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Poppy Denby, arts and entertainment editor at the Daily Globe, covers an exhibition of Russian art, hosted by White Russian refugees, including members of the surviving exiled royal Romanov family. There is an armed robbery, a guard is shot, and the largest Fabergé egg in the collection is stolen. While the egg itself is valuable, the secrets it contains within are priceless— secrets that could threaten major political powers.

Suspects are aplenty, including the former keeper of the Fabergé egg, a Russian princess named Selena Romanova Yusopova. The interim Bolshevik Russian ambassador, Vasili Safin, inserts himself into the investigation, as he believes the egg—and the other treasures—should all be restored to the Russian people.

Poppy, her editor, Rollo, press photographer Daniel, and the other staff of the Globe are delighted to once again be in the middle of a sensational story. But soon the investigation takes a dark turn when another body is found and an employee of the newspaper becomes a suspect. The race is on to find both the key and the egg—can they be found before the killer strikes again?

Fiona Veitch Smith offers up another rollicking mystery set in 1920s London, when women’s emancipation, the Jazz Age, the consequences of the First World War, and the aftermath of the Bolshevik revolution were rearranging the cultural landscape.

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ISBN13: 9781782642183
Width: 12.70 cm
Height: 19.68 cm
# of Pages: 320
Series: Poppy Denby Investig
# In Series: 2
Item: 9781782642183
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Published: 2016
Binding: Paperback / Softback Trade paperback

Fiona Veitch Smith

Fiona Veitch Smith has worked as a journalist in South Africa and the UK and is now an associate lecturer in journalism at Newcastle University. She also teaches creative writing at Northumbria University.



Kill Fee, The

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